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    WP Innovator makes a good point. Wish I’d discovered gpldl before buying some premium plugins that didn’t work so well.

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    Can’t speak for multisite but Updraftplus couldn’t restore my single site in a test environment. I wouldn’t trust it for multisite if it can’t do singles.

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    Beaver Builder plugin is updated to 1.9.4:

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug with font fields introduced in 1.9.3.

    1.9.3 – 01/17/2017

    Accessibility enhancements to Accordion, Contact Form, Content Slider, Icon, Menu, Post Carousel, Post Slider, Subscribe Form and Tabs modules. Thanks to John Russell (@laubsterboy) for the contribution!
    Added reCAPTCHA support to the Subscribe Form and Contact Form modules.
    Vimeo and YouTube scripts are now only loaded in the builder UI when a video from those services is present.
    Removed the Read More button from the text editor in the builder UI as it does not work with builder layouts.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed global rows and modules not working after being duplicated under Tools > Duplicate Layout.
    • Fixed SSL mixed content issues with the Slideshow module.
    • Fixed the thumbnail navigation in the Slideshow module not showing on touch enabled desktops.
    • Fixed Menu module showing category descriptions for WooCommerce product categories.
    • Fixed issues with empty parent links in the Menu module.
    • Fixed Menu module not adding current-menu-item class when loaded from a template.
    • Fixed Menu module sub-menu background color being overridden by the menu background color.
    • Fixed a PHP warning in the Post Slider module with random ordering when using an offset.
    • Fixed IE layout issue with top aligned full height rows.
    • Fixed fonts with numbers in their names not working in font fields.
    • Fixed PHP warnings with Madmimi and MailerLite.
    • Fixed Maps module trying to open the Google Maps app in the Facebook Messenger app.
    • Fixed issues with autoplaying videos in the Content Slider module.
    • Fixed posts with double quotes in their names breaking suggest fields.
    • Fixed Number Counter modules in Tabs modules not displaying correctly.
    • Fixed row text color overriding colors set in the Pricing Table module.
    • Fixed Button module popup content being duplicated when rendered inside a Content Slider module via shortcode.
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    Thanks to Droleba I made a script to make fixing Yoast SEO Premium easier.

    Unzip the plugin, run this bash script in the same folder. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04.

    version=grep "Version: " ./wordpress-seo-premium/wp-seo-premium.php | rev | cut -d " " -f1 | rev

    sed -i ‘s/\! $this->license_is_valid()/$this->license_is_valid()/’ ./wordpress-seo-premium/vendor/yoast/license-manager/class-license-manager.php

    zip -r -9 wordpress-seo-premium-$ ./wordpress-seo-premium

    The forum mangled it, see the pastebin instead.

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    Backupbuddy > Updraftplus. It’s not even close.

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