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  • John Radu

    Claude, I get it.

    However, after each update, each module asks for registration, again :)
    I was thinking on “nulling” mine, but after that might not get updated :)
    I also found it online as “nulled”, but usually there is extra code, and I am not going to install it, to get the server hacked/cracked/infected.

    Plus, what you showed on line 137, for me shows on line 165.

    John Radu

    After this update, they changed and added different lines.
    But I am 100% sure Thrive receives notifications from this thread, as I have noticed that the second day after someone posts another “hack”, there is an update that blocks it.

    I managed to figure it out again, but it will get disabled again if it gets posted

    John Radu

    Yeah … this is still working. Every time plugins update just need to replace various values with “true”.
    On line 127 for me said $license. I changed with “true” and bam … that was all.

    I ran into this hack when I found the plugin and decided to evaluate it.
    Everything that shows “true” has been either false or different values.
    I will upload a screenshot with values changed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)